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Gabriel Kron – A brief biography

Gabriel Kron was born in 1901 in Nagybanya in the Carpathian Mountains in Hungary. He and his brother reached New York in 1921 as immigrants. Both brothers entered Michigan University the same year after learning English the fast way. Gabriel… Continue Reading →

Introduction to Dielectricity & Capacitance – by Eric P. Dollard

This is an excerpt form the full paper which can be found at the bottom of this article. Full credit for this paper is to Eric P. Dollard Introduction to Dielectricity & Capacitance by Eric P. Dollard Capacitance The phenomena… Continue Reading →

Nikola Tesla Quotes

Tesla is one of my most favorite historical figures. Without a doubt his contributions shaped our modern world. Here are some of the masters best quotes from his life. “I don’t care that they stole my idea . . I… Continue Reading →


Through successive experimental arrangements, Tesla discovered several facts concerning the production of his effect. First, the cause was undoubtedly found in the abruptness of charging. It was in the switch closure, the very instant of “closure and break”, which thrust… Continue Reading →

Nature Was My Teacher The Vision Of Viktor Schauberger

Vortex Based math and how water can teach us about the universe.

The double slit experiment | waves and particles

The double-slit experiment is a demonstration that light and matter can display characteristics of both classically defined waves and particles; moreover, it displays the fundamentally probabilistic nature of quantum mechanical phenomena. Read more here Read more about Wave–particle duality here.

Introduction to DIELECTRICITY AND CAPACITANCE by Eric Dollard

Another great article that i found. For more from Eric see the videos page. TESLA TECHNOLOGY A collection of research and research materials for advance research in understanding the true nature of Tesla’s discoveries. Introduction to DIELECTRICITY AND CAPACITANCE by… Continue Reading →

Tesla article by William Beaty – Tesla coil explained

Below is a great read i found on another website about Tesla’s system for transmitting electricity by disturbed ground and air method. If you like Tesla’s work then have a read of this. Sept 1999 by William Beaty While experimenting… Continue Reading →

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