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  2. At first, I want to apologise for my English. I am From Lithuania, and working in transport company,
    It loocks very simple in the beginning, I started to make schoolgirls weel 3 years ago, and only after 1 year I made it, even then I made 4 new coils that is not so cheap to do. I hawe notice that circuit could work without a wheel, only on self resonance. I still can not to buy oscilograf,
    I want to appologise because I have a lot of questions, and very little coments.
    1.If I use only resonance, will it be correct?
    2.where can I find schematic diagram of circuit tesla swich, that JOHN BEDINI made. I could buy it, or maby someone could show me the direction which I mus to do all things? Maby there is som person who is answering in quostions like mine instead JOHN BEDINI. I RESPECT JOHN BEDINI VERY MUCH AND DON’T WANT TODESTURB HIS PRESURES TIME. THANK YOU FOR ANSWERS.

    1. Hello,

      I am glad you find all this interesting. you can find a curcuit diagram for the tesla switch at this url:

      I am by far no expert on tall this, i just administer this website but as far as i know you can’t run a bedini motor without a fly wheel. It needs the wheel to drive everything else. I could be wrong but i cant see it working purly on resonance.

      I think you’ll find the tesla switch more interesting anyway ;)

      peace to you.

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